Teeter F5000 Inversion – The Latest Evolution in Health and Fitness

The Teeter f5000 inversion is the latest discovery in the world of health and fitness. The F5000 inversion table basically rotates in a spin-around system. With mere arm and hand movements, rotation is perfectly accomplished by simply shifting the weight of the arms downwards and upwards, and the table will easily rotate in a very comfortable angle.The smooth spin-around of the Teeter table permits oscillation and alternating tractions. Its adjustable roller axis allows anyone to pre-select three different levels to control or adjust the aggressive rotation.The machine’s tether strap enables anyone to control the optimum angle of the f5000 table. Its comfortable and secure ankle clamps hold both your feet securely while the table is currently rotating.
The f5000 inversion can be easily folded compactly for efficient storage and transport. The nylon mat attached to the hinges can be removed for washing.Every inversion table package comes with a very informative and instructional DVD as well as a laminated owner’s manual.Compared to other types and brands, the f5000 inversion, through numerous engineering tests, has been proven to be more precise and balanced and can provide a user the perfect full inversion required. The machine is also considered 85% pre-assembled and is invariably 1/4 less of the average number of machine parts compared to other inversion table brands.The inversion table is equipped with heat-treated steel to add more strength on its primary structural components and parts. Its bed is securely attached and fixed through auto-locking hinges. These auto-locks protect the bed or table from disconnecting from the main base. It has specialized pivot rings that assure any buyer squeak-free turns for a lifetime.The Teeter f5000 inversion’s de-rattler knob lessens the shifting for a much smoother and quieter rotation. It is also designed with injection-coated rubber grips for additional durability. Its triple-plated chrome shaft is embossed with height markers for an easy adjustment for users whose heights range from 4’8″ up to 6’6″.The f5000 table is made of high-quality finishes and incorporates a scratch-resistant powder coating and a triple-plate chrome shaft.The innovative table bed design of the Teeter f5000 inversion features a Flex Technology that enables the bed to move with the user. Its smooth surface lessens friction, thus allowing your body to perfectly slide and obtain maximum body stretch. The Teeter f5000 also comes with an adjustable head pillow to support the head and to provide greater amount of comfort.

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